Introduction brand ASTAT

    At the beginning of 2013 the Artpol company started the implementation and applying for the patent on the produced ESD packaging under the brand name “Astat”.

    Years of manufacturing, good experience and knowledge of choosing an appropriate form of packaging to protect goods against ESD , have led to another step, that is the own brand name “Astat”. Conducted studies of the antistatic products, as well as symposiums in many European institutions and laboratories succeeded in getting the maximum protection parameters from static electrical discharges . This is confirmed by the numerous certifications and test results which have been obtained for years.

    The Brand name “Astat” will help increase the visibility of our ESD products on the market and at the same time that will lead to the identification of ESD packaging of the „Artpol” company.

The product group „Astat” includes the following packaging:

  • Dissipative ESD bags ( open style)
  • Dissipative ESD bags ( zip lock)
  • ESD bubble products
  • ESD foam packaging
  • ESD garbage bags
  • Twinwall sheets/ polypropylene boards
  • ESD sleeves, half-sleeves and tapes

   We hope that all our customers will be satisfied with the products under the brand name “Astat’’ , that will contribute to the implementation of new innovative ESD packaging in order to protect the goods better.