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Dissipative Antistatic Zip Lock Reclosable Bags are used to protect semi-finished products and finished goods in the EPA Area and for the safe handling and packaging of electronic components and assembly subdivisions, such as wiring, cabling, wire bunches, housing, components, ironware.

ESD Bags ( Zip Lock) are used in electronics industry, in assembly areas, in the zones affected by explosion and in places, where it is obligatory to provide the highest degree of cleanliness and safety, such as in Clean Rooms.

Antistatic Zip Lock Reclosable Bags are mainly used to pack small items and assemblies in order to keep sensitive devices free from damage by electrostatic fields and discharges.

  • Technical Data

Antistatic Zip Top Reclosable Bags are compatible with the current Polish Norm PN: 61340-5-1 and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) approved in the European Union.

Surface resistance

Rs= 108 -1011

Static decay rate

From 1000V to 100V< 2 seconds


the ESD symbol, recycling symbol


Polietylen LDPE


    • Production, assortment The ESD zip lock Bags are made according to the standard sizes or customers’ demands. Technical data sheet of the ESD Bags ( Zip Lock), produced by “ ARTPOL” company, is given below.


Surface   resistance Rs= 108 -1011
Width From 80mm to 500mm
Length From 120mm x 700mm
Thickness From 60mm x 90mm
Colour Pink or custom colour
Marking sign processability, sign ESD


  • Technical drawing:

The ESD Bag ( Zip Lock)



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ESD - zip - poglądowe