Thanks a large productions possibilities we can guarantee the highest quality of the offered ESD products. Static Shielding Bags are used to protect static sensitive devices and to provide a static safe environment for sensitive electronic items. They can protect inside products from static, electromagnetic interference, and moisture. Moreover, multiple layers provide puncture resistance and moisture barrier during road and air transportation but above all, during shipping.

  • Application

Dri-Shield Bag SCC 2000 is designed for dry packaging of electronic devices. It provides full protection from ESD, static fields, moisture and tribocharging. The bags are mainly applied to pack electronic components, precision equipment and chemical raw material.

Dry- shield bags are mainly used in the EPA Area, during changes of the assembly places and transportation. They help protect electronic devices from moisture and static damage.

This highly flexible bag structure is easy to vacuum and seal.

  • Standard bag sizes – the ESD products.

Thanks a large productions possibilities we can guarantee fast order fulfillments, high quality and a wide range of available sizes ( measurements) of ESD packaging.

Available standard sizes of ESD bags are given below.

Unit of measure: ( inch ) = 25,4 mm 


  • Technical data:

 The 3M Moisture Barrier Bags Dri-Shield 2000 are compatible with the current EU Norm PN: 61340-5-1 and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) approved in the European Union.


The product data sheet on the physical and electrical properties is given below. 



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