Activities and the development of Artpol PPHU

Company "Artpol" was established in 1999 as a manufacturer of plastic packaging. With over a decade of business, knowledge and experience gained in the process of selecting a suitable form of protective packaging. Continuous process improvement and implementation of new products has led to specialization in the field of ESD anti-static packaging. Over the last eight years, the company manufactures a antistatic packaging, continually deepening the knowledge of the protection against harmful effects of static electricity. Implementing new anti-static products, while meeting the highest performance protection.

Why Us?

artArticles are certified manufacturer of packaging anti-static ESD, operating on the Polish and European for several years. With the knowledge and qualified staff provide you with the highest standards of service and high quality anti-static packaging. The quality of numerous certifications and tests.


Our Strengths

  • professional technical support and customer service   
  • extensive manufacturing capabilities   
  • ability to produce individual dimensions of ESD packaging   
  • backed by numerous certificates and research   
  • individual approach to the client   
  • fast delivery  


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